Indeed it came as a shock when we got the message about the death of our Teacher, Mentor, Senior brother, Father, Past Secretary General and Past President. It was like a dream because we always met you at all the international meetings till you became President of SIU, which made us very proud of you being a fellow African.

Your approach to us was always cordial. Ghana benefitted a lot from you through the training of some of its Urologists and you also examined some of them who trained in South Africa. Some of our Fellows did their SIU Fellowship under your guidance, always showing them a lot of concern and cordiality. You made African urologists very proud in International Circles. In Japan at the Fukuoka SIU meeting you gave a lecture on how to do research under resource constraints and that led to the establishment of a database at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana.

We have really lost a Mentor and Trainer .You served as Editor of the African Journal of Urology and you gave some Ghanaians the opportunity to become reviewers of the journal. You looked strong all the time we met so we were taken by surprise when the news came about your demise .We will always remember you. You also served as one of the fore fathers of PAUSA being a past Secretary General and a past President.

I also had the chance to serve with you on the nominations committee of the SIU. Death has laid its icy hands on our Senior brother. But in it all God really understands since he has a purpose for all and controls life and death. Our condolences to the wife and children.

Fare thee well PROF. Fare thee well PAST PRESIDENT. Fare thee well PAST SECRETARY GENERAL, Fare thee well EDITOR, Fare thee well TEACHER AND MENTOR, May your soul rest in PERFECT PEACE




Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the very sad news that Chris Heyns died suddenly on August 2 on his way back from a meeting of the South African Urological Association.

I had just landed in Maputo, Mozambique and switched on my phone. It rang immediately, and it was Serigne Gueye calling. He wondered if I had seen the e-mail that shared the shocking news the day before. I knew immediately that the future of urology in South Africa specifically, and Africa and the world generally had changed from what we had envisaged. This was because Chris Heyns, had played a significant role in shaping South African, African and world Urology, and was expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. That future, as we had envisaged it, changed with his demise at an airport……typically returning from a meeting.

Chris Heyns was one of the most prominent African Urologists of these times. He had been very active at all levels of our profession and had risen to the top of each level. In this manner, he had been Head of his Department of Urology at Stollenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, President of the College of Urologists in South African, President of the Societe International d’Urologie (2012-2103), and was the current President of the South African Urological Association. He was also very active in PAUSA activities from its early years. It was therefore no surprise that he held several offices in the Association, being elected Secretary-General first, and then President-Elect, taking over as President in 2008 (to 2011).  In all these capacities he contributed significantly to the development of the specialty across borders.  He published numerous papers, applied his editorial skills in reviewing many, many more, and also served as Editor of academic publications and newsletters of professional bodies. A quiet politician, he loved being involved in the negotiations that shaped the leadership (and indeed followership) of his communities, be it professional or academic. 

Chris has also mentored several generations of urologists and scientists across the borders of his immediate environment. He was one of the few African urologists to be seen and to participate actively at international meetings, and this inspired many of his younger colleagues to follow suit. In each of these tasks he always came across as a man dedicated to his cause rather than to himself – a unique quality. His slight figure (often accompanied by his lovely wife Isabel) will certainly be missed at these professional gatherings.

I first met Chris Heyns at the PAUSA meeting in Nairobi in 1995 and can confirm that his death will definitely be felt by our association and all the others he belonged to as he has played a very significant role in each and every one.

Our prayers and thoughts go to Isabel, their children Marianka, Christiaan and Larissa, and his many friends and colleagues across the world. May God grant us all the fortitude to bear the loss, and may we be comforted by the good memories of his contributions to his society, his commitment to international urology, and the fact that he died doing what he loved most – meeting with colleagues to discuss how to improve his (our) specialty of urology . 

May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, August 14th at 10:00 AM at the church in Durbanville, Cape Town, SA c/o Church and Weyersstreet.

PAUSA, President