The Pan African Urological Association is an association of professionals of urology in Africa. This association formed in May 1992 embraces all urology professionals on the Continent of Africa. This includes also the Professionals from the continent who are in the diaspora PAUSA aims to bring the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and collaboration, to the urology patient on the continent of Africa . PAUSA SEEKS TO harness the "pool of skills" of the Urology professionals on the continent and to promote exchange of skills, sharing of ideas and information, placement of appropriate skills into different parts of the continent where they are badly needed, through Outreach Programs, Courses, Conferences and Virtual/Electronic Technology. PAUSA seeks to help/address and close of the the gaps in the provision of urological clinical care throughout the continent and promotes education and research on the continent of Africa



For a very long time African urologist have been attending meetings of BAUS, AUA, SIU and have therefore been interacting with their counterparts and colleagues on individual basis and on the national association level. it was felt that it was of immense necessity to have an Umbrella Association that will represent the African continent, dealing with continental issues and problems and will help to optimize, facilitate and deepen our relationship with such associations such as AUA, EUA, SIU etc. It was felt that an umbrella Association involving all the national Association and encompassing the whole of the continent was an appropriate Association to have. It was felt that this could enhance research, teaching, education and solutions to problems including those that may be rampant and peculiar to our continent . It was against this background that the founder, Alex Danso called for the inaugural meeting in May 1992 for the founding fathers to put their minds together in Harare Zimbabwe.